Computer Repair Wanted

Western digital ( (MyBook) external tough disk that was providing backup to my MacBook seasoned has stopped operating and it asks if I want to reboot the tough disk. I need to get better the facts as it has backup plus other statistics stored on the disk.

So, I’m looking for computer repair tips and advice. I dropped my tough force while transferring from one room to some other, plugged it in and it started out creating a beeping noise. I appeared online and it stated it is probably a hassle with the heads. I really need to get the records off my tough pressure and i am hoping you’ll have an answer for me. it’s miles a WD My Passport for mac, not certain how vintage.

24 Hour Computer Repairs were able to fix me Asus laptop failed while looking to boot up once it has lost all of battery existence (i worn-out to boot up as i believed it changed into related to energy, but it later transpired that battery ran out as energy socket turned into turned off). only bios screen comes up when turning on, the pc does no longer ‘see’ the tough pressure. No mechanical damage.

i’ve a 32 GB micro SD which wont allow me to get entry to my JPEG pics, there is lots of pics of soppy cost to me so it would be pleasant to recover these broken/corrupted files. no difficulty gaining access to and seeing the documents, however I can’t see the photographs. i’m a pupil in Preston and could be looking for a less costly fee. attempted some softwares, not anything works.

Anna / April 9, 2017 / Health
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