Lenovo Seagate Recover Data

I’ve had some blue screens on my Lenovo ThinkPad portable PC (it occurred around 5 times). 1tb portable drive. Neglects to turn up, clicking commotion. Wont appear on any interface pc. Presently it doesn’t illuminate by any stretch of the imagination… in spite of the fact that I have the red light on, it doesn’t make any solid when I hit the power catch.

I don’t know it can be repaired, but rather I truly require my records put away in the C: drive. I’ve used the knowledgebase on http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/ before to good effect and will probably try it again to recover my files.

I’ve had a Western Digital My Passbook Ultra neglect to load/appear on my macintosh (even under ways I’ve attempted previously). The light switches on, and I can hear it running, however nothing is appearing. It experienced a slight drop (little) and it was days after the fact that I endeavored to connect to it and so on.

I have a Seagate 500GB Momentus 7200.4 outer hard drive, have possessed it for around 5 years, just as of late when I associate with the PC the PC doesn’t read it and the green light on the hard drives flashes on and off while additionally beeping discontinuously. Simply pondering time spans and cost to settle the outside hard drive?

I have a western advanced 3TB hard drive that is never again being perceived by my PC. The PCB board on it gets blazing hot so I trust it is an issue with than. Do you give an administration where you repair/supplant the PCB board or do you just do information recuperation. the hard drive is a piece of a couple that I have connected with ‘Storage rooms’ on windows 10.

Anna / February 3, 2017 / Random
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