Levels of Hypnosis

As soon as he opens his eyes say, “Do me a favor count from one to ten quickly, please?” If he drops the number eight, you continue with, “What did you say your telephone number is?” Now this is the first step in creating distraction and confusion and continue if he doesn’t seem to be able to access his telephone number with, “Okay what did you say your address is?” Do not allow him to access it as soon as you see he is searching for it say, “So where did you say you were born?” Of course he did not say any of these things and this is where the confusion begins compounding. Say then, “What did you say your date of birth is?”

Continue with a question that is not one of the items you tagged for amnesia and say, “How did you say that you got here today?” Also, “What did you say the color of your car is?” If he cannot access any of that information say immediately, “Close your eyes and let your body relax!” Now deepen him with two more arm drops and then anchor in this level he has achieved with a single keyword. It is not necessary to use the words I use with the individuals in the videos but, it should be a word that denotes relaxation some how.

Now continue the process as instructed in Training Manual I. What you were doing by asking him questions that were not tagged for amnesia was to see if he is completely amnesic before anchoring in that state he is experiencing. If he lets go of information that you did not tag for amnesia, this is the indicator I look for before setting someone up for local anesthesia. It is easy to have someone achieve anesthesia but, for them to keep it continuing during surgery you must continue to provide them with deepening to hold it. This is not necessary if you set their level of depth achieved at the complete amnesia level which is profound somnambulism. Remember it is your use of numbers, certain words and distraction combined with compounding of effect or suggestions. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Hypnosis-is-Powerful/10581596 and http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20160306/the-power-of-hypnosis-trainingThis is why I can say one word to a client who I have set up for surgery and then not have to speak again until I can have the individual emerge and the surgery is over. Also, I can set the individual do it on their own without me even being present. It is the level of depth you guide them to and the way you set thing up. I am not always able to be permitted to be present during surgery of my clients, so I have to set things up to work automatically. This also goes for general anesthesia which is achieved in the Esdaile state and the Sichort State. It is the same no matter what state you have them achieve for their surgery. However, many times surgery can be avoided if you have them use the, “Computer Console Technique”. This technique allows your client to scan their body and find root causes of the condition that has occurred. Now then you just direct them to locate an indicator that shows where it is to create a reference point and then a control to adjust it to an optimum setting. I have use this not only on myself at times but many of my clients as well. It is always successful in profound somnambulism. There is so much you can do to help your clients if you just open your mind to the possibilities. Learn more at https://hypnosisnlpblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/15/navigating-client-experiences-memories-in-hypnosis/

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