Limited Time with Pheromones

We can’t have everything with human pheromones, and so scarcity is at the root of both traditional economics and Sexual Economics. Limited time and limited 5 high quality sexual partners means humans have to make conscious and unconscious choices to get the best of what’s available in terms of genetic replication of pheromones. A younger age (late teen to mid twenties) is obviously preferred for a higher chance of optimum fertility. Males also value purity pheromone cologne as an indicator of paternity certainty and lack of disease, which explains why cultures and religions hold up virginity as a virtue of true pheromones. Learn more at and of the most obvious tools that women use is the pheromone production test, which focuses on key Ascribed physical attributes such as a symmetrical face, a strong and defined jawline, a deep voice, wide shoulders and facial hair. Pheromone production turns out to be an excellent marker for male SMV because this hormone is actually a harmful in prnatal babies, so any male who can survive early elevated levels of testosterone is thus “fitter” in the genetic lottery of life. When considering these external markers, don’t discount the clues given by what other people judge a particular guy’s SMV to be with greater pheromones. Remember that the Game being played by both girls and guys is largely subconscious, having been written into our genes over billions of years. Don’t get bitter, get smart. And don’t just read about the SM? and its loopholes, because this will make you feel as cheated as the guy who merely reads about blackjack hacks while getting taken to the cleaners at the casino. Don’t sit on the sidelines; dive in and play the Game with the insider insights offered in this book. The specific moves and skills involved in the dance are what we mean by “Game.” Think of it like learning basic strategy rules in blackjack that give you an edge against the casino. From the earnest bacteria. Street Hustling with pheromones is a term I use for meeting and attracting girls during the day. Although the term contains the word “street”, it applies to anywhere – a. store, a. cafe, the mall, a station or a park – that is not a bar or a club. Perhaps you’ve seen movies like Street or 21. Street Hustling with Pherazone pheromones is about much the same thing: luck, and improving your odds against the house by learning and practising basic strategy. It’s the opposite of “getting lucky” because we’re playing to win rather than playing to not lose. The unconscious dance is happening whether you like it or not, and you’re either the magician or the mark. Even a relationship or marriage is no shelter from the hustle; the upper hand still ebbs and flows from man to woman. As with a. magic trick —- take your eye off the cups and you will lose track of the ball. Learn more at

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